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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

This show is about a brave, Lucknow village girl who falls in love with a strict business tycoon. He also falls for her. They try to show that they hate each other, though. She worked for him, but quit after he embarassed her way too many times. She stands up for herself and her family. Then, she ends up working in his house helping Lavanya (his girlfriend at the time) act more "proper" and learn about their religious traditions. On the day Arnav was going to confess his love to Khushi, he sees Shyam (his sister's husband) and Khushi together one night. He creates a misunderstanding and thinks Shyam is cheating on his sister with Khushi. Arnav forces Khushi to marry him, at least for 6 months. Shyam wants to change Arnav's will so it says that he will get all the money and property if Arnav dies. Shyam steals the will and Arnav is kidnapped. Shyam is suspected to be the kidnapper. Only Khushi and Mamiji know that Arnav is in danger. Later, NK (Arnav's cousin) visits the Raizada house and learns of Arnav's kidnapping. NK and Khushi know that Shyam is behind the kidnapping. Together, they are trying to rescue Arnav.

The show airs on Star Plus. It began on June 6, 2011.


Dekha Ek Khwaab

Dekha Ek Khwaab is about a girl who was kidnapped when she was little and raised in the lower-class. When she grows up, her real family discovers her. Her real family is a ROYAL family. They want her to become more civilized and to marry whom she is supposed to, by law, which is Uday. But, she loves Akash, a middle-class man. Uday first wants to marry Manyata, Moniya was the name she was given after she got kidnapped, to reign over two states. But, then he falls in love with her. He was beating up Akash, when Akash fell of a cliff. Jainandini, Manyata's jealous younger sister, who is in love with Uday, catches the whole thing on video. She is now blackmailing Uday. Eventually, Manyata learns that Uday killed Akash, and sends him to jail. Uday is mad. Eventually, after a series of tests, Manyata becomes the new queen. Jainandini tries to kill her and Dadi several times, but Uday - who was released from jail - saves them every time. Manyata still hates him. Akash is back, but as a new character - Aaryan. Aaryan loves a woman named Tara. Jainandini tricks Manyata into selling the palace. Uday is the new owner of the palace. Later, Jainandini is kidnapped by Aaryan because she tries to tell Manyata that Aaryan is Akash. She is rescued in time by Uday and Manyata. In order to get the palace back, Manyata agrees to marry Uday.

The show airs on Sony TV. It started on November 21, 2011.